"Hi, my name is Rod, and I'm a bike-tweak-aholic. It's been four hours since my last fettle..."


Lightening up

  >  Fitting (read bodging) tough XC cranks onto DH frame...

AVA Fork Damper

  >  Super Damping

Five Chain Guide

  >  Keeping the chain on

Fork Mods plans

  >  A little bit of help from stateside suspension experts

Photoshop Respray

  >  You can't leave it looking tatty forever!

The Lathe

  >  My fettling toy/money pit/time drain/source of joy/source of furstration (delete as appropriate)

Chain guide MKII

  >  Fitting lightweight cranks, updating chain device (this time measuring twice, ordering once)

Tested Linkage MKIII

  >  Now it's been ridden. It works!

Bike Linkage Complete

  >  Just a few snaps of the beast back together (seems like forever). This isn't the end!

The Linkage that Rod made

  >  Cutting threads is nerve wracking!

Cable Guide

  >  Cables and hoses don't like rocks

Rocker link BOLT

  >  Never used an M12 bolt before, they're huge!

Rocker Needle Bearings

  >  High load bearing, integrated seals. I am hot for needle bearings! Loser...

Rocker-Linkage Mod

  >  Somethings for looks, some for function.

Silencing Swingarm PT2

  >  Second stage of the process...

Silencing Swingarm PT1

  >  Keeping chain-slap noise to a minimum.

Polishing Swingarm

  >  Easter Weekend. Four days in off a row. Polishing.


  >  Lowering head angle - studies...

Head Angle test

  >  How do you measure the head angle of a bike with no physical protractor? Paint shop, of course.

Machining Holes

  >  Mastery of inventive machining...

Linkage V2

  >  What was learned in the first exercise, what I'm aiming for in the next...

F5 Custom Parts

  >  Here's an update of the modified bits I'm running on the Chumba at present...

F5 Linkage

  >  The First incarnation of my needle bearing linkage (apologies for the quality)...

Chain device

  >  Development of my new DH chain device...